Friday, 28 August 2009


Yes, there is progress in my feeble attempt to get back running but it's rather slow. However yesterday I had a bit of a breakthrough. The training plan I'm following is totally different from anything I've tried (and failed at!) in the last few years. Right from the first session you're on your feet for about 40 minutes. In the beginning it's mostly longer spells of walking with a bit of running. It gradually changes over the weeks so that you're running more and walking less.

Until yesterday I couldn't get over the walking for 2 minutes in between the running. But somehow my legs and breathing co-operated with each other and I was able to all the running bits with only a 1 minute walk in between. I was simply gobsmacked as I had a bit of a hangover (yep we didn't manage an alcohol free August!), I hadn't eaten any breakfast and when I arrived in Crieff I realised I'd forgotten my watch so went home with the intention of actually skipping the run. But Lucydog was crying with excitement at the prospect of a run so I changed my mind and went down to the village instead. I'm so glad I did.

I've not had much success in setting goals and planning races in the past. So I've surprised myself by entering the 5k run at Loch Ness. My target is to run the whole way without walking. The 2 routes that I've been running on locally are around the 4/5k mark so I know what to expect. I don't have a clue how long it'll take me but I'm not that bothered at this stage.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Just like Dad!

Can you see that kid on the track in a blue t-shirt carrying a baton? That's No3 son representing his school in the Primary Relay at this afternoon's Crieff Highland Games. He ran the first leg giving them a good lead which they held on to right to the end.

Look, the trophy's bigger than anything Dad's won! It was presented to him by Allan Wells. Sadly he'd never heard of him! Hmm, I wonder where we can put it for the next 3 months? Well done. He's going to be a better runner than than his Dad methinks.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's not easy

I'm not smiling today. In fact I feel like curling up on the couch and crying cos I'm sooo sore. I knew the initial euphoria would wear off but not this quickly. I dragged myself out of bed and made myself eat something before I went for a run/walk with Lucydog round Lady Mary's Walk in Crieff. My legs seem to have long forgotten that I used to be able to do this. They feel like I haven't been running for 20 years instead of only a couple.

I had 2 thoughts as I kept forcing one foot in front of the other. Debs left me a comment saying the first time she went out running she couldn't run for more than a minute. And look at what she achieved last Saturday! That really motivated me to keep going. Thanks Debs.

The other was a conversation I had with John and Katrina on Saturday. They reminded me that 99% of the population either can't or won't run. I'm in that 1% group that's at least trying. Thanks guys for helping me put it in perspective.

I got home to find a parcel on the doorstep. My new running shoes had arrived. Same as my old ones, just a newer version. New shoes are a good incentive for me. Not quite my Jimmy Choos yet but they'll do for now. Can't wait to try them out.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Location, location, location

For the first time ever, I've come to appreciate that where you run makes a huge difference. In the past I've sought out flat routes with no hills (ie round a boring housing estate) with the aim of getting the run over with as quickly as possible. I'm sure that seeing and hearing Ian and everyone else on the Way has made me think about location in a different way.

I've been following a beginner's programme that's had me walking briskly until now. Today for the first time I actually did some proper running (and walking too!) for 40 minutes. And I loved it! I ran down the castle road near the house with views across to the Ochils on my left and rolling hills and farmland to my right. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I smiled a lot as I ran. I managed to miscalculate my run/walk sections and actually ran more than I needed to. I even ran up a hilly bit of the road! I totally get why you would want to run the 53 miles in the Fling or 42 miles in the Devil. And I surprised myself by even daring to think that maybe one day I could!!!

Of course everything hurts now. My ankles, my knees, my hips, my back. And my face - from smiling so much : )

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Will run for shoes

By fortuitous coincidence this month's Running Fitness has a feature on beginners. It's not rocket science (a mixture of running and walking until you're running more than walking) but it's nice and easy to have a schedule already prepared for you. And they're following someone who is using the programme so it's encouraging to see how quickly they are running a few miles at a time and enjoying it. See that's the hard bit for me, in the past I've never got to the part where it's enjoyable. I don't seem to get that feel good endorphin rush that everyone else experiences. After an exercise session I always feel like a gin and tonic and that's what makes me feel good!

Talking of alcohol, I'm joining Ian on an alcohol free August. He's trying to get himself in shape for the 24 hour race in Tooting. The annoying thing is by the end of 2 weeks he'll have dropped half a stone just by cutting out booze. It takes so much more for me to drop the weight. I know I'll never be 8 stone again but I need to lose a decent amount to feel healthy again. So I've made a deal with Ian. With a proper training schedule, cutting out booze and eating sensibly I'm aiming to lose 2 stone. When I've lost the 2 stone he's going to buy me a pair of Jimmy Choos!

Now, he's either keen to see a slinkier version of moi prancing around in a pair of ridiculously high heels or he thinks it's a safe bet. Either way, it's an added incentive for me get off my fat butt and get out that door!