Sunday, 10 August 2008

Devil report

Look at these 2 happy chappies! It's 5.30am and Mr Race Director was raring to go. I, on the other hand, was still half asleep and went over on my ankle minutes after I took this photo!

Weather conditions were good at 6am as the race started. Cool with a slight breeze. The Runner and I went for a leisurely cooked breakfast in The Green Welly which was open specially for the race. Beardie, Hippy Chick and Allyski had to dash off to make sure they were at Bridge of Orchy in time for Mr Record Holder.

We arrived at Inveroran where we had arranged to meet Mr Race Director in plenty time to see the front runners run down the hill. The Runner thought some people were a bit fast but everyone looked comfortable enough. By this time the midgies were starting to appear. We wished everyone luck through our midgies hoods.

Next stop was Kingshouse where we met with Sonic and his Laydee with a Baby. By this time it was starting to rain. It was windy and cold. But the midgies didn't seem care. They were out in force. Sonic bravely drank a coffee I made him that ended up being half coffee/half midgie! The Runner ran up the path to met with Mr RD. Later he said Mr RD was looking good but by the time they reached me he was "having a bad patch." We poured lots of Coke, 'suicide gel' and banana into him and sent him on his way.

45 mins later we met him at the bottom of the Devil's staircase. He looked and felt much better. The Runner changed into his running gear and they both set off up the hill.

I drove on to Kinlochleven and noticed that my ankle was starting to really ache. I parked in the usual place and set up the wee stove etc to heat the soup and water for coffee. The Runner planned to have some (tinned)soup here. Most cans now have ringpulls on them and the beans, spaghetti and tomato soup cans I brought all had one. However, the chicken soup didn't. Undaunted I got the tomato soup ready to heat and then sat in the car, not expecting them arrive for ages. M&M stopped briefly for a chat but the midgies were horrendous so he kept on moving. He was running back to Kingshouse.

Just as I was thinking there were about 20 mins before my runners appeared I got out to start warming the soup and making coffee. I got out the car to find The Runner approaching. They were ahead of schedule. Mr RD was running well despite being at the back of the field. They set off in good spirits with the sweeper and I was left to clear up. By the time I left Kinlochleven I was the only car left. Even the officials had left!

As I left the town my phone went crazy. I hadn't had a signal since Kingshouse so the 5 texts and 3 voice messages, from people wanting to know how it was going, all arrived at the same time. I pulled into a layby as I knew I would lose it again by the time I reached Lundavra. Beardie had left a message to say that Mr Record Holder had finished in a new record time. 5 hours 22 mins for 43 miles!

As I drove up to my favourite(!) place at Lundavra I knew that my ankle needed some medical attention. I took my shoe and sock off (big mistake) to find that I had a tennis ball sized puffy lump around my joint. I raided my first aid kit and sprayed it with freeze spray. Didn't work. I tried to put a Tubigrip on it but it was the wrong size. So when The Runner and Mr RD arrived we quickly changed the plan. Mr RD set off with the sweeper and The Runner took me to A&E at Fort William.

Fortunately, I was seen very quickly. An x-ray ruled out a break and I was bandaged up in plenty of time to see Mr RD finish in a fantastic time of 10 hours 45 mins. Well done! Just look at the determination as he crosses the finish line with 5 other runners behind him.

Tired but happy!
It really was a pleasure to provide the backup. He's much nicer and is more appreciative than The Runner at checkpoints!
After the race there was much talk about the 24 hour race in Perth. It looks like a few runners are planning on being there. I guess I should start practising putting up the new tent The Runner bought for his base!

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Devil!

Tommorow is The Devil o'the Highlands race. I'll be doing my usual backup role but this time it won't be for The Runner. We have the honour of providing backup for Mr Race Director (aka The Godfather) himself. I'm looking forward to it and am sure it will be an interesting experience for The Runner to see what it's like from my end.

Beardie is also providing backup for another runner although I suspect his runner (Mr WHW race Record Holder) will be faster than ours!

Hopefully I'll see all the usual suspects tomorrow. Good luck to all the runners.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Storm in a DD cup or An Inch too far!

Since The Runner has decided that he'll probably do the 24 hour race at Perth next month, I was a good wifey yesterday and accompanied him on a training run. He has already blogged about it so I'll spare you the details. However, he didn't blog about my attempt to run round the loop at the North Inch.

I hadn't planned on running as I was feeling rubbish when I got up but it was a lovely morning and there were lots of runners running round the loop. And The Runner was trying to run at a very slow pace (which matches my normal pace!) so I decided to join him on his last loop. Big mistake.

Yes, I had my trainers with me but I was wearing thick joggers, a cotton vest top and mostly importantly a pretty pink underwired bra! I know, it's a girl thing but a good sports bra is essential for those of us, ahem, blessed with larger boobies. And I own several of them (bras that is!) but unfortunately wasn't wearing one. Let's just say it probably didn't look pretty and I still have both eyes!!

I think the following photographs sum up how we each felt at the end of our efforts.

Told you it wasn't pretty!
Someone looks happy!
I guess I'm just not a natural runner. I'd love to be but hey I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. If I'm fit enough I'll do the 10k at Inverness. If I'm not, I won't.