Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bizarre Conversation No 1

Him: When I went to bed last night I had a nail on that toe.

Me: Hmm.

Him: When I got up this morning it was gone.

Me: What do you mean gone?

Him: It just wasn't there. I checked in the bed and on the floor and it's definitely gone.

Me: Uhuh. And what do you want me to do?

Him: If you find it save it for me.


Friday, 15 May 2009

Bad Wife

Hello! Is it that time already? You know, time to think, talk, plan, breath and eat the WHW Race. Time to tell tales, relaunch Blog Wars and generally get my own way for a few brief weeks because The Runner is pathetically grateful for my back up and support.

Blimey, I remember when there was only 1 ultra event talked about in this house. Now it feels like there's 1 a month! Tomorrow is the Cateran Trail and I am a Bad Wife. I put my foot down and said I did not want to give up another weekend to provide back up for yet another event. So what did The Runner do? He's roped in an old family friend who lives practically on the route and persuaded her to hang around for hours and supply him with coffee and jelly babies. I just hope he's not as rude to her as he is to me!

But I think I can live with being a Bad Wife. I've washed his running gear, baked a banana loaf and got Mr Tesco to deliver his beans, rice and jelly babies. I've got him a bottle of nice wine and a lovely bunch of flowers to take to his friend. I can go swanning round the garden centre and have tea and cake in the cafe with a clear conscience. Or at least I hope I can.