Monday, 20 June 2011

End of an era

An era is defined as a significant period of time.  I think it's safe to say that my last 13 years involvement with the WHW race is definitely an era.  And I've decided it's come to an end.  This year was my last race. I won't be involved with the race any more.

I had already made my decision before Friday but didn't want to make it public.  That's why it was so important for me to see all my WHW family before the start.  And that's why I was so upset when I managed to get myself lost en route to the start!  No idea how I managed to get lost on a road I have travelled many times over the years. 

I eventually arrived in Milngavie around midnight.  First person I saw was JK and I nearly lost it when he gave me a great big bear hug.  A succession of hugs from good friends made me realise I had to pull myself together damned quickly before I saw Debs.  This was all about her race, not me.  Beardie told me I could do this.  So I went to find my runner and get my instructions.

The rest of the time flashed by so quickly and before I knew it we were listening to the race briefing.  Or more accurately we saw the briefing and couldn't hear a word! 

Then the countdown began and I frantically gave hugs to as many people as I could.  I'm so sorry if I missed you.  The runners went off and I went to the loo and cried (Don't even say it BDTP!!!)

The first few checkpoints went like clockwork.  Everything was going to plan and Debs was running bang on schedule.  She makes it looks so effortless!

Before I knew it we were at Auchtertyre and ready to hand over to the second crew of Debbie's Angels.  We all had t shirts on and lined up as she came storming in to get weighed.  Brilliant!

And then my part was all over.  Beardie joined another crew and I went home.  No tears :-)

For the rest of the day and throughout the night I kept thinking about you all.  And I really missed not being at the prizegiving to hear everyone's stories.  But I don't regret my decision not to attend.  My life is going in lots of new directions and I'm doing lots of new things.  It's the end of an era and it was significant to me.  Now I'm entering a new one and loving every minute of it.

Congratulations to everyone who earned their goblet.  And very special congrats to my very special friend Debs on her 3rd place.  You are awesome sweetie!!!

Ali xxx