Monday, 2 July 2007

Post Race BBQ - UPDATED!

Due to the amazing success of our first post race BBQ, we have decided to make it an annual event. So if you want to see what happens when Mr Race Co-ordinator drinks malt whisky or see The Hippy Chick crawl upstairs to bed, put Sat 28th June 2008 in your diaries NOW!

Updated to reflect change in Race day (since Cally Challenge have cocked it up again!!!) Just remember it will always be the week after the main event!

Part 4 - The Last Bit

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling well rested, unlike The Runner. We made our way through to breakfast where I had the full works. I hardly ever have a full cooked breakfast but I was starving. Even though I made up a special cool bag of goodies just for me, I actually didn't eat very much myself during the race.

After breakfast we went up to the leisure centre to see if anyone was about. Mr Race Co-ordinator was desperately trying to find someone to pay for its use but the staff had disappeared. We spoke to a few people we knew from Central AC and congratulated The Hayman on his success.

The prizegiving is always good but was especially good this year. Despite having the use of a bigger room we still need more space! It was great to catch up with other backup teams and hear their stories. I loved hearing about The Young Man's snooze in the heather on Rannoch Moor! I loved the huge cheering for Ms Record Holder and the presentation to the Longest Serving Backup Team! And I was thrilled that The German finally made it on his third attempt. I told him at the start I thought it was his year.

After the prizegiving we loaded up our car with Mr Running Shop's boxes. We took him and his backup guy (who Doesn't Usually Drive) and dropped them off at a railway station. It wasn't until later on in the journey we heard the story about how Mr Running Shop's car died at Lundavra. Doesn't Usually Drive admitted that he hadn't driven a car since the early 1990s! He walks to work and everywhere else. Mr RS received a call in the first few minutes of the race to be asked "How do you start your car?" He didn't know about power steering or how the steering wheel locks if you nudge it before trying to start the car!!

Doesn't Usually Drive also didn't know that the little lights on your dashboard tell you if something is wrong. So by the time he found out it was already too late! The car was dead. To cut a very long complicated story short, several phone calls to Mr RS's insurance company (who's call centre is in India) resulted in the car being taken back to Auld Reekie. Apparently they couldn't understand why Doesn't Usually Drive couldn't give the street name or postcode for the Lundavra checkpoint! He did offer them the OS reference but they had no idea what that was!!

So another successful race was over for us. The midgie hoods are packed away ready for the next time. The Travel Inn is already booked for next year. The Bearded One is signed up for another go. The Railwayman will be press ganged next time we see him.

I've been asked if I'm keeping this blog going. I've run out of material for this year but I'll start again next year in the build up to the event. If anyone has any interesting stories to tell please get in touch. All names will be changed to protect the guilty (unless you're in my backup team!) I've already got a few good ones I'm saving for next year (mainly to let the dust settle first before going public!!) But I will be starting a new blog which will include my exciting life being dragged round the world accompanying The Runner in his quest to find interesting events! Watch this space!