Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oh deer!

From now on The Runner is not allowed to borrow my sensible car for night runs, day runs or any other purpose associated with running. If he needs a sensible car then he can exchange his silly one for a more appropriate one.

At first glance there doesn't appear to be much damage. The bumper is out of place, the fog light is smashed, the parking sensor is wrecked, the headlight washer is missing and the bottom grill is broken (has something to do with the air con apparently).

That will be £1080 please (it's a Honda not a Rolls Royce!) Plus a morning of my time to get a quote, an afternoon of telephone calls negotiating with my insurance company and the inconvenience of having no car while it gets fixed. Oh and a lost no claims bonus plus increased premium.
Have you guessed I'm a tad annoyed?


Peter Duggan said...

So how sensible is a car where it costs £1,080 to repair that? ;-)

Tim said...

How sensible is it not to have a protected no-claims bonus when you're married to a man like Ian? ;-)

Subversive Runner said...

What about Bambi????? xxx

Peter Duggan said...

And who's paying for all this anyway? (Surely The Runner...)

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

If Ian was in his own car, the deer would have probably karate chopped him :-) xx